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    Steps to Design a Wallet

    1. To change the text size, position, and font click the text that you would like to change and then select the "EDIT TEXT" button. If no text is currently on your design, select the "ADD TEXT" button. After selecting these buttons, and another box will appear to edit/add the text.
    2. To change the location of text or clip-art, click directly onto what you would like to move and move it to the desired position.
    3. To add clip-art(ie. circle, motorcycle, etc), select the "ADD IMAGE" button and select from the available images. If you would like to remove the image, select the image by clicking on it and hit the red "DELETE" button.
    4. After your design is completed, select the "CONTINUE PURCHASE" button which will bring you back to this page with your compeleted design. Select your leather type and place your order.
    This app was developed to be used in the storefront.
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