You’ve Been Hearing About It, but What Is Crazy Horse Leather?

June 04, 2019

You’ve Been Hearing About It, but What Is Crazy Horse Leather?

The appearance of a variety of items made from crazy horse leather has been drawing attention across the online community. You’ve probably come across mobile device cases, wallets, backpacks and other accessories made from it, or you may have at least heard of it. You may also be wondering “What is crazy horse leather and what exactly makes it so different?”

This leather wasn’t named after the Lakota Indian chief, Crazy Horse, who fought General Custer at the battle of Little Big Horn. It’s been around for a while and the name may refer to a belief that it was once made exclusively from horse hide rather than cow hide. It’s also been a popular material for making horse saddles and is sometimes referred to as saddle leather, which appears to be the more accurate premise behind the name. The way it’s processed is what actually distinguishes it from the other leather materials. Items made from this special type of leather can last about 30 years and require very little regular cleaning or care. A material that has long been used to take the kind of rough treatment dished out to a horse saddle is an obviously good choice for products repeatedly handled by humans. Items made from this type of leather won’t break or crack over time like other leather products will.

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What is Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy horse leather is a type of full grain leather, which refers to a top grade ranking of leather quality. This specialized leather has unique attributes that separate it from both the bonded leather and top grain quality grades. It fulfills the need for the popular aged and vintage leather look, but it’s also highly durable and weatherproof. Overall, it’s a much higher quality material than what you may see described as genuine leather.

Although they once were fashionable, items made from genuine leather typically don’t pass the test of time; they begin to look more like they were made from synthetic materials as they age. What’s often called “genuine” leather can actually be made from any type of animal hide, including sanded-down and chemically-processed scraps of goat or pig hide. Some items advertised as being made from genuine leather may only last about two years, even with regular cleaning. Unfortunately, many consumers still believe that items made from or branded as genuine leather are high-quality products.

In addition to its exceptional durability and minimal upkeep requirements, one of the qualities that sets crazy horse leather apart from the other material types is how it reacts when it’s bent, rubbed or scratched. When you bend a piece of this leather — even slightly — the bend line takes on a different shade. Scratching or rubbing the leather will produce the same effect. It can also absorb oils from your skin when you handle products made from it. Items such as wallets, phone cases and billfolds, which are handled frequently, will develop their own characteristic look and appeal over time.

The uncommon and highly desirable way the leather ages has made a significant contribution to its growing popularity. Repeated handling of an item made from this leather, regardless of how much it’s scratched or scraped, only adds to its vintage appearance. If it gets dirty, a plain moistened cloth will be the only required cleaning. It’s easy to appreciate how the water-resistant quality that the leather’s special processing brings to the material has added to its appeal. Leather creams can be applied to crazy horse leather products if so desired, but any type of chemical or detergent products should be avoided. Only a neutral moisturizing cream designed specifically for leather should be used.

How Is Crazy Horse Leather Made?

Crazy horse leather is made from polished high-grade full grain leather. After the top portion of the leather has been sanded and buffed, a specialized wax is applied. This part of the process is exclusive to this material as other types of leather are treated with oils, which act as chemical preservatives. The wax treatment strengthens the leather fibers and adds the beneficial property of water resistance. The wax application forms a protective barrier that also shields the leather from the unwelcome effects of exposure to food and liquid spills, insects, sunlight, mold and fungus. An additional quality the wax brings to the leather is its characteristic trait of changing its hue and shade when rubbed, scratched or bent. This gives the leather its popular vintage and antique look.

Wax is a natural substance rather than a chemical. It doesn’t impart any staining properties to the leather that can discolor fabrics and other surfaces that it comes in contact with. This makes crazy horse leather an ideal material choice for wallets, handbags, phone cases, backpacks, briefcases and other items that come in close contact with fabrics or skin.

It’s Time To Get Introduced

Because it will hold up to years of repeated heavy handling and it won’t stain your clothes, a wallet made from crazy horse leather is a great way to introduce yourself to this distinctive material. Haxford offers a bifold slider wallet made from crazy horse leather that you can purchase online with free shipping and tracking. These wallets are tough and they’ll age wonderfully. They’re also quite stylish and their slim and minimalist design lets you carry them in either a front or a back pocket. The wallet has room for ten credit cards and cash, features a slide-out pocket, and has a removable money-clip. Available in black, copper or caramel, the Haxford bi-fold wallet can be your ticket to finding out for yourself why products made from crazy horse leather have been getting so much attention lately.

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