What Is a Front Pocket Wallet?

October 05, 2019

Front Pocket Wallet - What is it?

What Is a Front Pocket Wallet?

No matter how minimalist a life you choose to live, there are still some things you should never leave the house without, and your wallet is at the top of the list. If you’ve ever been away from home without access to identification, credit cards and cash, it just doesn’t feel right. While you need access to important items such as money and your driver’s license, they don’t have to sit in a bulky billfold jammed into one of your rear pockets. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why it makes sense to put your wallet in front pocket placement, and what to look for in a model designed for this type of use.

Slim Design

If you’re placing your wallet in a front pocket, you don’t want something bulky to jam under your car’s steering wheel or get in the way of your daily life. To get around this problem, men’s front pocket wallets use a slimmer design that creates a low profile. You’ll still have room to carry your essentials, but you won’t have the wasted space you get with rear pocket models.

De-Cluttering Your Life

Extra space can be a good thing, but many people use the spare room to hold things they don’t need. If you’re never at risk of running out of storage areas in your wallet, you won’t get rid of the unnecessary things you’ve carried for years. It might be hard to say goodbye to the membership card for your favorite video store that closed 10 years ago, but you won’t have to sift through clutter to find the things you need.

Sit More Comfortably

The average American adult spends more than 6 hours sitting every day, and comfort is an important part of productivity. If you’re stuck sitting on a bulky wallet in your back pocket, you’ll spend time shifting to find a comfortable posture instead of carrying out your work. By relocating your billfold into a front position, you’ll be seated in an even stance, which is much comfier.

Less Back Pain

It’s estimated that at any given time, more than 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain, and traditional wallets could be one of the causes. While the weight you carry in your back pocket isn’t enough to throw your spine into spasms, the pressure points created by sitting on your wallet can cause you to sit unevenly. Even if you think you’ve found a comfortable position, you may be causing long-term damage to the discs in your spinal cord. Instead of racking up a huge chiropractor bill, you might want to consider moving to card holder front pocket wallets.

Easier Access for You

When it’s time to pay for something or show identification, speed is of the essence. It’s impossible to see your back pocket, which means you’re reaching blindly and fumbling around to extract your wallet. If you carry your billfold in a front pocket, you can quickly retrieve it to pay for your items and get on with your life.

Harder for Pickpockets

A crowd of people is generally the sign of a popular event, but it can also be a hunting ground for pickpockets and other criminals. If you’ve ever been crammed into a crowded subway car or packed into a standing-room-only music venue, you can understand how easy it is for a pickpocket to operate undetected. While it takes little effort for a thief to dip into a back pocket for a wallet, it’s much more difficult to reach around and steal from the front. Instead of running the risk of being caught, many thieves will move on and pick an easier target.

Incorporation of RFID-Blocking Technology

Today’s credit cards come embedded with chips that can be scanned by RFID readers for convenient swipe-free payments. While this technology makes it easier to pay for a tank of gas, it also provides access for a thief with a reader. Instead of picking your pocket, a criminal can walk through a crowd and scan for numbers without alerting cardholders. Many front pocket wallets come with shielding layers to block these dishonest efforts.

No Ugly Lines

Fashionistas buy their clothes based on looks, and those aesthetics can be ruined by unsightly lines. If you’re wearing a pair of skinny pants or a custom suit, why would you compromise your appearance by jamming a bulky wallet into your back pocket? By investing in the best minimalist wallet, you can help preserve the designer’s original vision without sacrificing access to money and identification.

Preserve Your Favorite Pants

For people who have a favorite pair of jeans, it’s only a matter of time before overuse causes wearing, tears and other damage. While every item of clothing will eventually wear out, you don’t need to accelerate the process by carrying a larger wallet in your back pocket. If you shift everything to a front pocket, you’re removing a pressure point on your pants that occurs whenever you place your body weight on your wallet.

Choose the Right Wallet for Your Lifestyle

Now you know more about front vs. back pocket wallets, you’ll be better prepared to make the right decision when it’s time to replace your current billfold. At Haxford, we’re dedicated to providing premium products to meet the needs of your daily life without breaking the bank. If you’re in the market for a new wallet, phone case, watch band or any other accessory, contact us online today to learn more about our full lineup.

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