Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend For Any Occasion

October 22, 2018

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend For Any Occasion

Whether they are your “BFF” your “bestie” or your “bro” when it is time to buy them a gift it has to be extra special. This can be for a boy or girl you’ve known since kindergarten or someone that you have come to love at work. Your best friend can be a parent, sibling or extended family member. Best friends come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Whether it is a gift for a birthday, anniversary or just a way to appreciate their friendship, a gift for your best friend needs to honor your friendship and show that you know them as good as anyone. These ideas are focused on the types of best friends that you may have and a few ideas around what would be the best gift for them for Christmas, Birthday, or even a wedding.

Jet Setter

They love to travel and that’s one of the many things that you love about them. A jet setter that is perpetually on the road or can’t stay in one place for long needs to have a lot of easily packed items to take with them. Any way that you can help them pack quick and light is going to be the best gift for them. A nice piece of luggage or backpack, a luggage scale, sunglasses or if you are a really good friend just take a trip with them. I’m thinking tropical.

Gift Ideas For Best Friends Travel


We all have a friend that gets a little too dramatic but they are there for us so we support them in whatever state they may be in. The right gift will be something that helps them to get back in to the happy zone. You should focus really on the things that make them happy. That could be a bottle of wine or pack of their favorite beer with a personalized wine glass or beer stein, some fine Swiss chocolates or maybe a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Definitely something that will help the crying stop.


Aromatherapy, home brewed kombucha and anything organic is what this best bud lives on. For the hippie friend in your life find something that will align all seven of their chakras. You can start with some crystals, maybe some macramé and tie dye shirts, a terrarium or a print from Joshua tree. Focus on things that keep them very mellowed out.


This best friend is a little out there with their nerdy glasses, IPA beers and a food truck obsession. They were eating avocado toast before you even knew avocados existed. They are there to remind you of when times were better than they are now. It might be hard to find a gift that they didn’t already know about. You can buy them the brewing kit that they had their eye on, anything associated with vinyl, a custom ugly sweater for a Christmas gift, or anything that has been ‘reclaimed.’ The goal should be to find something obscure.

Tech Obsessed

The newest phones, tablets, computers and gadgets are what this best friend lives for. Though we may not understand the obsession we have them the benefit of their tech support when we need it. These gifts can be pricier but they are worth it. If you can’t spend the big bucks look for accessories that work with their current gadgets. Maybe they need something extra for their drone or a special case for their tablet. They might enjoy some unique wireless headphones. If it requires a plug or battery and makes their life easier then they will probably enjoy it.


Just because their life may be a hot mess doesn’t mean that you can’t give them the best present possible. A gift for your friend that seems to forget everything might be a gift for you as well. Find them something that tracks down their phone, wallet and keys for them when they lose them again. You can even find a reminder doormat that serves as a helper as well. You can even consider self-watering plants or a vacuuming robot that does their cleaning for them.

The Foodie

The foodie best friend knows all the best places to eat or makes the best food in the kitchen. Whether it is eating out or staying in the foodie needs a gift that is palatable. There are loads of subscription boxes that are food related. There are custom utensils for the kitchen or even some cookware for Le Creuset. If the food is great then the friendship will remain strong.

Foodie Best Friend Gifts

Music Lover

They always have the best music and know just what soundtrack to put on when you are happy or sad. The music loving best friend is always up for a concert and gives you the low down on great music and new releases. That being said, concert tickets can be a great gift, or a way to commemorate all the old ticket stubs with a picture frame. It could be a container that holds their vinyl, a great set of speakers or a pair of select vintage headphones.

Coffee Snob

Whether you have a Java Janet or Espresso Eric in your life, they love the smell and taste of coffee at any time of day. It could be Starbucks, Dunkin or an obscure blend from South Africa that they enjoy. If it’s brewing they are drinking. Find a gift for them that feeds the addiction. That could be a coffee bean roaster, a grinder, a gourmet coffee subscription or a very fancy French press coffee maker or a unique coffee pour over kit.

Coffee Lover Best Friend


Though some may not embrace all that is nature your outdoorsy best friend lives for it. Luckily, the outdoors industry is never ceasing with new and cool items for the outdoor lovers. You could go with a new hiking pack, anything from Yeti, a pair of Teva sandals or new hiking books. If they don’t have a packable hammock, that is a great gift for anyone on the go to travel outside. 

Overly Nice

I’m sure we all have a best friend that we feel like we don’t deserve. They will always listen and do anything that we need. They accept us with all of our flaws and faults and lift us up when we are down. This best friend needs something a little more special and personable. Look for something that can be customized just for him or her. It could be a ring, bracelet, necklace, poster or t-shirt or even a custom wallet with their initials.

Whatever best friend type you have in your life, remember it is not about the price of the gift that you give them but the thought, effort and meaning that it has for you and the “BFF”.

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