20 Best Step Dad Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

September 20, 2018

20 Best Step Dad Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

A step father can be just as much as a father to you as a biological father. They raise us just like we were their own flesh and blood. They deserve a shower of gifts just as much as the next guy. A step dad gift for the right occasion should represent how you really appreciate them for as much as they do you. Here are some great ideas for picking the perfect gift for the most common occasions for the step dad in your life.


  • Grilling Step Dad - If your step dad loves to get outside and fire up the grill or has an obsession with propane then consider getting him a gift that’s centered on barbecuing or seasoning some food. Something like this Grill Set for his next birthday might be the ideal item just for him. You can even get out there and grill that man up a big juicy steak...or maybe buy it for him and let him cook it.
  • Efficient Step Dad - Some step fathers are lazy and some step fathers are efficient. The efficient stepfathers shop online and have Uber Eats deliver the food. It’s a time saving effort and it frees them up to spend more time with you. These time saving step dads may appreciate a subscription box to a variety of services. It could be for Birchbox or a favorite Beer of The Month Club. Find him something that will make his life less stressful and continue to run like a well oiled machine.
  • Musically Inclined Step Dad - Whether it is a guitar, piano, harmonica or even a pair of spoons, the step dad that loves his music needs some musical appreciation on his next birthday as well. Maybe present that is  a reminder of a favorite song or musical. It could be a cool band t-shirt or an instrument that he has had his eyes on.
  • Fix It Step Dad - The step dad that thinks, and usually does, fix anything that he can get his hands on. The duct tape and super glue are his most used tools of the trade but maybe this year you can find him a more useful tool that will remind him of how great he really is. Try a custom set of tools or a portable fix it kit. You can even throw in some more duct tape and glue if you’re feeling generous.
  • Nostalgia Step Dad - Does your spend a lot of time reminiscing of the times gone by? Saying things like,”when I was your age…”? Well your step dad might enjoy some items from the yester years. On his next birthday try to find something that shows that you appreciate his respect for history and how he can remember those times while living in the now. You could get him some sweet retro sneakers or something on vinyl or even laser-disc.

Stepdad gift ideas

Father's Day

  • Coffee Drinking Step Dad - Waking up with a nice cup of joe is what gets this step dad going in the morning. The meticulous way in which he prepares the java, or runs to Starbucks, are critical to his daily routine. You can’t go wrong with some special bean roaster, or an obscure bag of coffee beans that can only be found in some back alley or just an extra special Step Dad Mug.
  • The Cool Step Dad Gift - Just like the Fonz, the coolest step dad is yours. He gives you freedom and choices to let you be who you want to be. Don’t let the coolest guy on the block be disappointed when father’s day comes around. Maybe a pair of really nice Rayban sunglasses or a gift card to the nearby car wash place. Find him something that just oozes coolness or emphasizes on how cool he really is.
  • Workaholic Step Dads - He works hard for the money. So hard for it honey. The workaholic step dad is out there grinding away to bring home the bacon. Whether he loves his job or does it just for the paycheck doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate what he does for you on Father’s day. First off, don’t buy this step dad a tie...that’s the last thing that he needs. Try getting him a fancy custom engraved watch or something that he normally wouldn’t buy for himself. Maybe he would like a trip to the spa and get some time to relax and unwind.
  • Superhero Step Dad - If he’s a sucker for the Marvel or DC Universe you are in luck. The whole world has come to embrace the comic book heroes that have come to life. Not only does he love Batman or Superman but he is also a superhero to you and a father's day gift should reflect such love and appreciation. Finding him a rare comic book or a bundle of action figures may be just what he is looking for, OR...maybe he’s more of a Bruce Banner type and needs a Costco size package of white t shirts because he seems to be ripping through all of his.
  • Tough Love Step Dad - He’s stern but fair. He’s hard on you because he loves you and wants the best for you. Though you don’t always like it, he does it for a good reason. He’s rough around the edges but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get him a great father’s day gift for him. Maybe he needs a new lawn tool or a cool accessory for his motorcycle. Maybe the big guy just needs a big hug and for someone, you, to tell him how much you love and appreciate him.

Step Dad Christmas Gift Ideas


  • Techie Step Dad - He always has the latest and greatest tech toys which make can make him hard to buy for this holiday season. You may have to do some research to find out what the coolest newly released item is going to be. If you know when the next drone is being released or some new accessory for his phone or his computer that might be your best bet. Dig into what he is really looking for. He may even want a new 3D Printer if that’s the one thing he doesn’t have.
  • Woodworker Step Dad - Saw blades and sawdust are all he talks about. That and how to make a dovetail joint. We get it, you like wood. Find this man a new power tool or something that will make his life easier while in the wood shop. There might be a new router bit that he doesn’t have or a new set of turning tools for the lathe. You might even just be able to take him to Harbor Freight and let him run wild like you did at Toys R Us when you were a kid.
  • Stylish Step Dad - A stylish step dad can be hard to buy for. He tends to look good in whatever he’s wearing and there’s never a hair out of place. For Christmas maybe find him a custom dopp kit or that one of a kind horse hair hairbrush.  Look for something that will take him to a new level of style that even he isn’t aware of. That may even be in the form of one of our new sleek leather wallet phone cases.
  • Stay At Home Step Dad - Sometimes a dad needs to step up to make sure that the house is in tip top shape. A stay at home step dad is a reality we live in and he can pull off that apron just as well as anyone. Helping the kids off to school, the cleaning and making sure dinner is ready is no easy chore and finding the perfect gift to show your appreciation is essential. Don’t go out and buy a fancy vacuum, unless that is really what he is dying to get. He might love some new home decor or even a little vacation that is just for him. If you’re strapped for cash then letting him know that you will be more helpful around the house may just the best thing you can give.
  • Golfer Step Dad - A day on the links doing a full eighteen is the only place, outside of spending time with you, that this step father would rather be. For the golfing father in your life look for a custom putter a set of golf balls that are personalized, a unique golf towel or even a golfing shirt.

Adoption Day

  • Cuddly Teddy Bear Step Dad - He really is just a big softy at heart. He may seem rough and tough but when it comes down to it, he’s just happy to be your step dad. If the day comes that he is able to adopt as one of his own children, get him something extra special that will really tug at his heart strings. Something custom and unique to you and him that will remind him that you are grateful to be his. Shirts, Hats and plaques are great or even a personalized bonus Dad keychain.
  • Health Nut Step Dad - He eats right and for some reason he is always wearing bike shorts. If your step father has always been a healthy Harry or a running Randy then finding him the fittest gift for an adoption day is critical. Look for something he doesn’t have for his bike or what might help him for his next marathon or triathlon. Another option is finding the best heart rate monitor watch that will help him track just how well he running, biking and swimming.
  • Outdoorsy Step Dad - The smell of the great outdoors is something that really gets him going. A man being alone in nature is a thing of amazement. Beards, dirt and trees..mmm I can smell it. Find your woodsy step father something that he can use when he ventures out into the great beyond. Maybe a special pocket knife engraved with your adoption date, a really comfy camping hammock or an over the top survival kit.
  • Coach Step Dad - Put me in Coach...I’m ready to Play! You are lucky enough to have a man in your life that likes to coach and be your biggest fan. He wants to do and be your best. He’s always there to give you little nuggets on how to improve. To honor him on this special day get him something special that reminds him of how great a coach he is for you. A ball cap or even a personalized whistle may be something to think about.
  • The Joker Step Dad - The Dad joke isn’t just for biological fathers. Any step dad can join in on the awkward joke scene. To help your bonus dad get accustomed to the awful humor you can get him a wonderful gag gift, a t shirt with an inside joke or witty comment, or even a custom apron that really drives it home.

Adoption Day Dad Gift Ideas

For whatever the occasion or the type of step father that you have, look for a gift that really reminds him of everything that you appreciate about him. Make it more from the heart and less about the price or size of the gift.

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