12 Best Leather Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

June 06, 2019

12 Best Leather Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

You should not have to scramble to find a gift when your wedding anniversary is on the horizon. Whether you are celebrating your 3rd anniversary or 30th, there are plenty of beautiful leather anniversary gifts to give.

What is the leather anniversary? It is the 3rd anniversary of marriage and is symbolic of flexible and durable. Leather has been represented as the traditional 3rd anniversary gift for many years and gifts for this anniversary are limitless.

Here are some exceptional Leather Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men and Women:

  1. Bracelets
  2. Backpack
  3. iPhone Case
  4. Business Portfolio
  5. Sunglasses holder
  6. Watch Band
  7. Cross Body Bag
  8. Camera Strap
  9. Boots
  10. Guitar Strap
  11. Bomber Jacket
  12. Passport Holder

For Her: Leather Bracelets

When looking for leather gifts for her, you need something she will want to accessorize with all the time. You cannot go wrong with a resilient pair of customizable, leather bracelets. You can get them engraved with the day of your wedding in Roman numerals, making them a conversation starter as well as a cute item.

For Him: Leather Backpack

While looking for gifts for the adventurous outdoors-man, you need something that will stand the test of time. A leather backpack will keep your husband’s items secure in one place. Additionally, these types of backpacks always come with enough pockets to store everything from snacks to an extra pair of socks.

For Her: Leather iPhone Case

If your wife has a tendency to drop her phone, then a case makes for an excellent gift. A leather phone case not only adds a layer of protection, but it comes with convenient pockets for your wife to place her credit cards in one convenient spot. It will stand out on the bookshelf, and your wife will be reminded of you every time she jots something down in it.

For Him: Leather Business Portfolio

For the entrepreneurial man, a portfolio is a necessity. Getting one made out of leather will make your husband look sharp and sophisticated around the office. You can even pair it with the leather backpack mentioned above to really look snazzy. The natural elegance and beauty will shine through, and it protects all those important documents from harm.

For Her: Leather Sunglasses Holder

It is easy to lose a pair of sunglasses. However, with this case, your wife will always know where they are. When she is out and about, she can take her glasses off and put them inside. The case itself makes for a gorgeous accessory, so she will look stylish no matter what aesthetic she is going for.

For Him: Leather Watch Band

An Apple Watch comes with numerous functions your husband will use all the time. Not everyone loves the bands that come with these watches. If your husband wants something a little more unique, then you need to get him a leather watch band. It is more resilient and looks great with any outfit.

For Her: Leather Cross Body Bag

Every woman needs a good purse. It just makes it so much more convenient to carry around a wallet, phone, makeup, snacks, tissues and anything else you might need. A handcrafted leather bag will keep all these items secure and look absolutely adorable strapped over your wife’s shoulders. The smooth leather will not irritate the skin and will add a touch of luxury to any outfit.

For Him: Leather Camera Strap

For the aspiring photographer, a leather camera strap comes in handy all the time. As your husband traverses the landscape he wants to capture on film, he needs something strong enough to not break. A leather strap keeps the camera in place, so the photographer can get visualize that perfect shot without worrying about the camera suddenly dropping.

For Her: Leather Boots

During wintertime, your wife’s feet could use extra insulation to stay warm. If your wife does not already have a pair, then you can make her day by getting her some leather boots. They add warmth and comfort as well as a touch of stylistic appeal. They often come with rubber soles, so she will be able to walk around comfortably in them for hours. 

For Him: Leather Guitar Strap

The first thing that usually breaks on a new guitar is the strap. It becomes a lot more difficult to try to play when you have to balance the guitar perfectly on your knees. If this scenario describes your husband, then you can get him to pick up the instrument once again with a durable leather strap. You can find one made of soft suede on the exterior with sheepskin padding on the interior. That way he looks cool without having to sacrifice comfort.

For Her: Leather Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is not just for bikers anymore. This edgy jacket looks cute on any woman, and it is perfect for both springtime and autumn weather. It is recommended to get one made out of lambskin leather because it will be even softer and more comfortable than all the others you find. Whether your wife wears it to work or out to the bars, no one will mess with her

For Him: Leather Passport Holder

For the man who travels all the time, a passport holder cannot be ignored. Your husband will soon be able to go on all sorts of business trips in comfort and style with a new holder made out of 100% real leather. These holders typically come in different colors, so you can select your husband’s favorite.

While looking for leather gifts for him or her, you just need to think about your spouse’s personality and tastes. There is bound to be something out there your spouse will use, and you can likely find it at Haxford. We have a wide selection of leather products available, so get in touch today if you would like to inquire about a specific item.

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