Picking A Leather Wallet that fits you best

July 12, 2017

Picking A Leather Wallet that fits you best

All Haxford leather wallets were designed with minimalist concepts at the forefront; now is the time to purchase your very own Haxford wallet to simplify your life and up your fashion forwardness. Get rid of that thick and clunky back pocket bulge for good! We source some of the best vegetable tanned leather available to create our unique wallets. The natural aging and patina process begins the moment you start using the wallet = this product will only get better with age.

Haxford offers 4 different wallet options in order to fit your personal needs best. While all of them are good looking, made from the highest quality materials and present themselves as slim and compact, they offer slight differences to suit you best. Which one is best for you personally? Let’s take a look at the details.

For the functional and fashionable man….

Haxford Card Wallet:  This wallet is classically styled to simplify your life. This is our most popular Haxford wallet. This 5-pocket card wallet is designed to carry the everyday essentials; driver’s license, debit card, and credit card. It also has a middle pocket to stash some cash. What more could you need? Available in raw tan and saddle tan. $32.00

For the person who highly values personal security…

Haxford Slide Sleeve Wallet: This wallet is able to hold 3-6 cards while completely concealing and fully protecting your cards with RFID coating until you are ready to whip them out to make a purchase. With one quick tug your cards are easily accessed and ready to use on your next drink run. This wallet easily fits in the back or front pant pocket. In addition, if and when you want to switch it up, you can conveniently slide out the center pocket. Available in black and brown. $34.00

For the person who can only keep track of one thing at a time….

Haxford Wallet Phone Case: Dual purpose, 2 for one, basically a BOGO! If you can barely keep track of your phone, let alone your wallet, this puppy is certainly the one for you. It can hold up to 3 cards while keeping the look and feel uncluttered and discreet. Coming from experience this would be the one for me. The bank told me I had to start paying for new debit cards I was losing mine so often; not embarrassing whatsoever. Available in luxurious black or brown leather for iPhone 6/6s, 6/6s plus, 7, 7 plus. $36.00

For the person who has a lot of stuff….

Haxford Bifold Wallet: This is our wallet that holds the most stuff; it has the capability to hold 5-7 cards. So next time you’re at Kohl’s and the cashier asks if you’d like to get an additional 25% off by signing up for a credit card, you can say “awww yeah” and still have space to store that card (even if it may never be used again). Available in raw tan and saddle tan. $42.00

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